How Much is Car Insurance for a 16 Year Old?

The average price of car insurance for 16 year olds is around $3,800. But there are a lot of issues that will affect the price quotes you get. The following are some of them.

Basic to Top of the Line

The $3,500 is an average culled from various states. The actual amount varies greatly per state or region. There is also the question of the insurance coverage. Again the insurance will vary.

But for the basic (no collision and with little liability) it would be more or less $1,000 to $1,500. For complete insurance coverage it will start around $5,000. In some states it could be as high as $7,000 or more.

Those Under 16

The above are estimate car insurance for 16 year olds. If the driver is under 16, it’ll be very difficult to find a company that will insure him / her. The reason is the lack of experience. Some might offer discounts for excellent grades. But this isn’t the rule; in fact it’s more of the exception.

The Car ZIP Code

More often, those under or 16 years of age will be included with the parents’ own policy. Of course, policies differ per insurance company. Another important factor is the ZIP code. Depending on the state, the amount can be higher or lower. The difference can be in the thousands of dollars. It’s usually higher in Los Angeles, Dallas and other big cities.

Other Pertinent Factors

If the car insurance for 16 year olds is added to the parents, it’s their record that will affect the insurance. Chief among them will be their own driving record. Speeding tickets, DUI etc. will have a negative effect on the application. Sometimes the financial status will also be assessed. Credit ratings in particular are looked at. Only after a thorough evaluation will the amount be determined.

Getting Price Quotes

The Internet is the best place to get price quotes. Doing this will help you get the most suitable deals. Prior to doing this, you need to get all the vital information ready.

This includes the name, address and birth date. Companies that offer car insurance for 16 year olds will also require vehicle data. These include model, year made and maker. Also state how it
will be used (i.e., for leisure, commuting etc.)

The coverage type must also be specified (i.e. comprehensive or basic). There are other things you need to specify. This included towing, rental etc. Other reimbursements should also be stated there. Once you get these facts, use them to get price quotes from various sites online.

Other Reminders

Teenage drivers will pay larger fees. Obviously this is because of their lack of experience. It’s also important to note that the males (based on stats) are a bigger risk on the road than females. However US laws state that anyone who gets behind the wheel must have insurance.

Getting car insurance for 16 year olds takes time. But enough research will help ensure that you get the right coverage for your teen.

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