How Much Does Chantix Cost?

Chantix is a trade name used by Pfizer for a prescription medication known as varenicline. It may be recommended to patients who are suffering from smoking addiction. This medicine acts as nicotinic receptor partial agonist that lessens the cravings of patients for tobacco products as well as cigarettes. It is very important to bear in mind that similar to taking any other drug, Chantix should also be taken in strict adherence with a doctor’s advice. Typically, it is given for a duration of 12 weeks and then, depending on the patient’s response, the doctor will advice to do the needful. To help patients who are interested in using Chantix to fight nicotine addiction, it is best to look at the price and other related details regarding the usage of Chantix.

Price of Chantix

How much does Chantix cost? The prescription medication costs $3 for each pill. However, there are times that the manufacturer of the medicine provides discounts to patients. In most instances, patients can buy a pack of the medicine in local pharmacies for as low as $133. Other drug stores also offer two packs of varenicline for only $224. Buy Chantix has some online deals for as little as $68.99 for 25 tabs.

Additional Information and Other Important Details

This prescription medication prevents nicotine from activating the pleasure receptors in the nervous system. Like any other drug, Chantix also has some side effects.

One of the most common side effects of using Chantix is nausea. Aside from this, patients who use Chantix can experience headaches and vomiting. They can also have troubles sleeping. Other side effects of the pill include abdominal pain, change in taste, constipation and flatulence. Additionally, some reports are also filed at the Food and Drug Administration concerning patients suffering from severe depression, agitation and suicidal thoughts.

Since the medicine has several side effects, public authorities advise patients to use this drug with the supervision of their physicians. Over dosage can pose or cause serious health problems and conditions like angioedema, accidental injury as well as visual impairment. Above all, patients should remember that the maximum length of time to use the medication is six months. It is of utmost importance to use this drug under the careful supervision of a professional medical practitioner.

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