How Much Does the Eiffel Tower Weigh?

How could anyone know how much does the Eiffel Tower weigh? You could probably make a wild guess. Maybe you’ll arrive at the correct answer. Maybe you won’t.

As such, this question can only be answered after some thorough research has been done. That’s why you’ve got to get to work and dig some facts about this tower designed by Gustave Eiffel.

But is it easy to find out how much does the Eiffel Tower weigh?

There are actually many points to consider if one would gauge how much does the Eiffel Tower weigh. And the facts that lead to its majestic and sturdy built have to be included in its calculation to clearly determine how much does the Eiffel Tower weigh.

What are those things?

Well, you have to consider that in the making of this famous tourist attraction, there were around three hundred iron workers needed to complete the task. It actually took two years, from 1887 to 1889, to finish the tower. From their work, around 2.5 million rivets and fifteen thousand (15,000) pieces of iron were added. From that, the iron structure weight of the tower amounted to 7.34 million kilograms – equivalent to 8092.2 tons.

But the rivets and iron are not the only things to help you learn how much does the Eiffel Tower weigh. You have to understand that this tower has about one thousand six hundred and fifty two steps that you have to walk on from the second level up to the top level of the tower. Actually, there are 1,665 steps all in all to reach the summit. That’s a lot of exercise if you wish to get to the top and enjoy the view. But those who made the effort claim that it is such a glorious experience that you shouldn’t miss. That is why it is not so surprising that around 6,719,200 visitors in the year 2006 couldn’t wait to try the long climb.

Those steps add to its total weight. And, don’t forget that having as much visitors as that, waiting to start the climb to the tower’s summit, means that the tower has to have enough strength in its foundation to carry all that.

That’s where the foundation weight of the tower comes in which is pegged at 277,602 kilograms (or three hundred six tons). Adding to the weight are the elevator systems, too, which weigh around 946,000 kilograms or 1042.8 tons for visitors who are not that keen to climb all the way to the top on foot.

But with all those numbers you have to consider, the Eiffel Tower is said to be lightweight. Some say that its total weight is ten thousand (10,000) tons. Others say that it is nearly around that number since it weighs 8.56 million kg or 9441 tons.

Are you getting confused with all the numbers? You probably are. But you have to remember that all these things actually contribute to learning how much does the Eiffel Tower weigh with all those things added to make it what it is right now. From the figures, you would realize that the total weight is a lot. Thanks to those who worked to make it come into actuality, the Eiffel Tower has become as strong and sturdy as ever up to now – no matter how heavy or light it may seem to those who come and visit.

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